Our wide assortment of quality inustrial and municipal chemicals covers all maintenance needs. If you don't see something, please ask one of our representatives for assistance.
All purpose cleaner (butyl type) - liquid
All purpose cleaner (non-butyl type) - liq.
Anti-Bacterial Hand soap-liquid
Bamboo air freshener - aerosol
Cinnamon air freshener - aerosol
Citrus cleaner and deodorizer - liquid
Clean-up - Absorbent kit
Concentrated odor destroyer
CRT screen cleaner and protector - aerosol
Deodorant cleaner - liquid
Dust mop treatment - aerosol
Drain Opener-Bio-Enzymatic-quarts
Foaming liquid all purpose cleaner - aer.
Forged screen & urinal block combination
Furniture polish (lemon wax) - aerosol
Germicidal spray & wipe cleaner - aerosol
Glass cleaner - aerosol or liquid
Hanging commode deodorant capsule
Heavy duty cleaner I degreaser - liquid
Liquid hand soap (mild pink)
Mildew stain remover and tile whitener
Mild bowl cleaner - quarts
Neutral cleaner - liquid
Non-acid bowl cleaner - quarts
Odor control granules
Odor counteractant - quarts
Pine cleaner - liquid
Stainless steel cleaner & polish - aerosol
Surface spray disinfectant - aerosol
3-month odor control bottles
Terrazzo sealer - liquid
Tile & grout cleaner - liquid
Vandalism remover - aerosol or liquid
Vac-strip wax emulsifier - liquid
Anti-Bacterial Hand soap-liquid
Complete kitchen degreaser - liquid
Enzymes - liquid or powder
Foam spray grease cutter - USDA - liquid
Food safe silicone spray - aerosol
Frozen food locker cleaner - liquid
Grease trap cleaner - liquid or enzyme
Oven & grill cleaner - aerosol or liquid
Pot & pan cleaner (for hand washing) - liquid
Quarry tile floor cleaner - liquid
Stainless steel cleaner & polish - aerosol


•Ammoniated wax stripper - liquid
• Anti static spray for carpets - liquid
• Carpet / upholstery cleaner - liquid
• Chewing gum & wax remover - aerosol
• Concrete curer & sealer - liquid
•Cove & baseboard cleaner - aerosol
•Extractor carpet shampoo - liquid
•Foaming carpet cleaner - aerosol
•Gymnasium floor finish - liquid
•Low sudsing floor cleaner - liquid
• Metal cross link floor finish
. (21% solids) - liquid
•Non ammoniated wax stripper - liquid
•Spray n' buff floor wax - liquid
•Spot remover (Kool-Aid) - aerosol
•Terrazzo sealer - liquid
•Undercoat sealer - liquid